Ladies Of Harley

Welcome all to the Ladies of Harley (LOH)

My aim as the Ladies of Harley Officer is to encourage women members to take an active part in the chapter, whether it be learning to ride or hosting LOH rides (we encourage men to come too).  I also organise social activities with the help of my fellow LOH members.  I can also answer any questions about the Ladies of Harley program.

Pre-learner Motorcycle Course

If you know anybody interested in learning to ride; partner, adult children, friends, work colleagues, neighbours, I can recommend the Pre-learner training course at St Ives.

You just need to go onto the to book a time. Weekends are very popular, but there is always more availability during the week and they are now doing early evening courses.

Costs $92

HART contact number 9391 5110

The Pre-learner training which is two days (3.5 hours each day) supplies you with the motorcycle,u sually light weight Hondas. It is preferable to take your own helmet and gloves, but I'm sure HART will have them if required.

The course is a pass or fail and is a lot of fun and they go right to the basics as if you've never ever sat on a motorbike before.

So ask around you might be surprised, it might be a burning desire for some of them and eventually give you a new buddy to ride with.

I’m happy to help answer any questions.

Ladies of Harley Officer
M: 0413 428 994